A note I stole from Danielle

Thanks so much for all the support you have given me! I thought  I was appreciative before but now I cannot express how much your support means not only to me but to all the people here I have minister to! Yesterday we went to the hospital and we got to pray not only with sick kids but over new moms and there 1,2,3 day old babies! It was incredible. We also got to go into the area where the sick babies are and pray over them. It was heart breaking to see but God put us there for a reason. Please pray for all those babies but especially Angle. We prayed with her mom before we met her and she told us that Angle has Lung problems and the nurse told us she probably won't make it. It was so hard to watch little Angle struggle to get air but I prayed over her several times and I'm going to continue to pray for Angle and mom(Elizabeth). I ask everyone to do the same! So many people here are hurting and I have so many stories to share. I hope everyone at home is ready to listen and hear all about what God is doing here!

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