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A Changing World
Friends and Family,
Hey y’all! How is everyone at home? I’m great! Things are fabulous here! My family here is so amazing and, despite the fact that I’m sure many of you don’t want to hear this, I really don’t want to come home! Kenya is so  amazing! The food here is so delicious and so healthy, it makes me so happy! God is so real here, and despite the fact that we aren’t living the way we were expecting, it’s much nicer, we are definitely experiencing God move and swiftly. We are all changing so fast and we are breaking for God and his will every day. We are living with a pastor in Nairobi, Pastor Joseph, and his family. He and his wife have one daughter, Patience, who is four years old and who we have spoiled to death. Don’t worry I have a ton of pictures and videos. In fact I just filled up my first 4 GB memory card which excites me. I can’t wait to fill the rest of the 9 GB I have although I might not be able to fill it all. Since Kenya was a last minute change we have had a lot of down time because plans weren’t made in advance, but we not have a fairly solid daily schedule and are starting to get really busy. The conditions here, though decent compared to some places, break my heart. Words cannot describe and pictures can barely show the poverty here. The smells around the slums are horrific; smells of excrement and rotting trash are always in the air. But the hope and smiles that we receive in return to our work make it all worth it. God is not only changing the lives of the people we are working with but our lives as well. I feel as if he is changing our lives more sometimes just because the spirit is tangibly moving.  So far our main focus has been working with children; going to the slums to do ministry with them, playing games with them at the soccer field, going into schools and teaching God’s word. But we have also gone to a disabled home where we helped feed the inhabitants there. Their conditions are so sad there, most unable to walk or speak or even feed themselves, but what amazing me everywhere we go is the leaders God has blessed this city with. The nurses at the disabled home, the teachers at the school, even the members of this church do such amazing work in such poor conditions. They are surely a blessing to this nation and a blessing to us for allowing us to work alongside of them. Well I hope everyone at home is well! I love you all and will see you in about 2 weeks. Though I miss you all I can’t deny the lure of God and his presence here which makes me saddened at the thought of leaving.  I love all!
                                                                                                                                Serving Christ with all my heart,
                                                                                                                                Danielle Shilling

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