Excited for What’s in Store!

Well, I've had a great time at training camp.  It's been so much fun to get to know the team and laugh with them a lot.  It's also been incredibly awesome to watch God begin to move in all of our lives, for the team to open up with each other and begin to grow closer.  I know that God has definitely shown me a ton of things about my walk with him during the time, and I know that He's doing the same in each person's heart on the team.

Travel the next few days is going to be long.  We've been at the Atlanta airport for 11 hours now and thankfully only have about three more until our flight, but the team has been awesome through the time.  They're a pretty easy group to travel with, which is encouraging knowing how much longer we'll be in transit!

I'm really excited to get back to East Africa and especially Kenya.  I love the people, and I'm pretty excited about a lot of things including speaking Swahili, eating pineapple, magoes, and passion fruit, drinking Alvaro (an awesome Kenyan soft drink), and getting Mandazi (fried sweet bread).

As the title says, I'm really excited about what this adventure has in store.  I'm especially stirred by the ways I've already seen our Daddy moving to form myself and the team into the men and women that he created us to be!  We're going to have a lot of fun, laugh a lot, probably cry a good bit, and grow closer to each other and to Jesus.  I'm just excited about what all God's planned for us and to see what more he's going to do in the hearts of the team!!  Just keep praying for God to move, for us to be open to what he's doing and honest with each other so we can all continue to grow in what God has planned for us!

So, I'm looking forward to hearing "Karibuni Kenya" very soon, which means "You are all Welcome"!


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