Happy Birthday Hayley!

Our team was fortunate to celebrate Hayley's 18th birthday while in Kenya. I am so proud of her for willing to be on the mission field and allowing the Lord to use her during such an important time of her life.

As a team we took the day off and had American food day. (which meant waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much sugar) We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch and chicken fingers and fries for her birthday dinner.  Cake of course was included!!! We also splurged on 3 soda's for us to share. (That's POP to you in the midwest) The kids were crazy after not having that much sugar in such a long time. I vowed not to give them sugar again. Kyle looked at me and lauged. I made cinnamon rolls again two days ago and Kyle made brownies… 🙂 What can we say? We love them and they deserve it.

All in all it was a phenomenal day, even if we were all hyper. Enjoy the pictures.

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