Kenya flight itinerary

Hello parents of Team Kenya (formerly known as Team Cameroon),

We're working out the logistics for the team to head to Kenya on Monday, and we wanted to update you with the new flight itinerary.

To Kenya:
Delta #200 
Depart:  Atlanta – July 4 – 7:20pm
Arrive: Johannesburg – July 5 – 5:10pm

Kenya Air #765
Depart: Johannesburg – July 6 – 12:40am
Arrive:  Nairobi – July 6 – 5:45am

Back from Kenya:
Kenya Air #120
Depart:  Nairobi – July 27 – 11:55pm
Arrive:  Rome – July 28 – 6:25am

Delta #241
Depart: Rome – July 28 – 10:30am
Arrive:  Atlanta – July 28 – 4:05pm

We are finalizing plans with our Kenya contacts and will be able to share some information with you soon as to where the team will be. 

We've decided to stick with this blog site, even though it's the Cameroon site, just to minimize confusion.  Team leaders will be posting updates here on a weekly basis.

Thanks for your prayers for this team as they head to Africa.  They're doing great and it's been encouraging seeing them bond as a team so quickly. 

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