KENYA here we come!

Your children have survived training camp! They have experienced their first taste of living without electricity, running water, cell phones and internet.

Kyle and I are thrilled with how they are pressing into the Lord and taking time to learn more about thier fellow team mates. We have become much more than a team, we are a family.

The past week your kids have been pushed out of their comfort  zones and into a place of more dependence on the Lord. They don't have you or their everyday friends to rely on and they have thrived. In reality, they don't know us well enough to truly rely on us with their feelings.

It was a joy to see them wrestling with things they knew the Lord wanted them to give up and they had been desperately holding on to. Watching the tears in their eyes as they received freedom to allow the Lord to carry all of the weight and the pain was pure delight. We have walked together, talked together, laughed and cried together. Tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of freedom and release!

My greatest pleasure is to see a person realize that the Lord really means it when He says He loves us and we don't have to walk through situations alone. Learning who God the Father is as God MY Father and not just some ominous entity has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

Know that everything they walk through isn't easy. They are dealing with a lot as teenagers these days. Standing on God's word in the midst of the society we live in is tough to say the least. Your child is endeavoring to be who God is calling them to be in a much different world than you or I. My hat is tipped to them and my heart is full of joy as I watch them wrestle, rejoice and grow.

Our last "team time" was spent by washing the feet of our family members and praying with each other. There are no words to describe. We attempted to have family time last night by watching a movie but we were all too busy talking. The kids finally said, turn the movie off and tell us stories! What a fabulous ending to a glorious week.

As I type this now, we are sitting in the Atlanta airport awaiting our plane to Kenya. They are taking care of each other, praying, reading the word, goofing off and "sleep talking." All I can say is I love our family. They are anxious to get to Kenya to love on some children and spread the word of the Lord. They spent several hours this week practicing a drama about creation and the salvation story. We are contemplating doing a flash mob  of the play in airports… Stay tuned to find out if we actually do it.

Thank you for loving your children and for imparting in them the Love of the Lord. Thank you for believing in them when they said they wanted to take this trip and for trusting the Lord that it was His will and then trusting us with them. Kyle and I don't take it lightly. We are grateful to both you and the Lord. I know that as our Heavenly Father has watched the events of the last week unfold, He is looking down with joy. If you could have seen them, there were sure to be tears of joy on your faces.

Keep trusting Him to care for them and continue to pray for your new extended family. You will hear the names of 8 new people for the rest of your lives.

Blessings to all of y ou. We will update when we can and field support will update you more.

Enjoy a few photo's from the week and some of our time in the airport.

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