Kylee’s Airport Post

We've been in the airport for multiple hours now…we left at about 3 in the morning. The Swaziland team just arrived. It's fun to have some more people in the airport; however, we have a while til we can even check in our bags. it is fun to find different ways to entertain ourselves here in the airport. this morning when we left training camp i remembered how great that experience was. only to think, we were on the first leg of the journey. we havent even gotten on the plane to africa yet and God has already done some incredible things! i am so excited to be with the team that God has put me with. Here's a shout out to mom and dad: love you both! <3 like nick said in his post, we named the huge yangchuanosaurus "tim". he is a pretty cool member of our airport team. i am now ready to go to kenya. long plane ride…here we come!

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